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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I contact you?
    For General questions, call (630) 541-5072 or email
    For Billing and Insurance related questions, please contact us at (630) 541-5072 or email
  2. I don't have insurance. How much will a visit cost?
    Darien Immediate Care offers great affordable solution. We offer our patients low self-pay rates for the procedures and services provided. Full Payment will be collected at the end of your visit.
    Click here to see our fee schedule for self-pay patients.
  3. Do you take insurance?
    At Darien Immediate Care, we accept most major health insurance plans and can bill the insurance companies directly.
    Click here to see our network of insurance plans.
  4. Will my insurance cover my visit?
    We recommend that patients contact their insurance company prior to a visit to verify benefits and coverage. Our staff is happy to help answer questions regarding insurance coverage to the best of our ability, but we are unable to guarantee whether or not your insurance company will cover your visit.  We are in-network with most major insurance carriers.
  5. Do I need a referral from my primary care physician?
    Please contact your insurance company to find out if you need a referral from your primary care physician to see a doctor at Darien Immediate Care.
  6. How can I pay for my visit?
    Darien Immediate Care accepts the following forms of payment:
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Cards (Amex, MC, Visa, Discover)
  7. What is a deductible?
    The deductible is the amount that you need to pay before your health insurance plan will cover any of your medical expenses. This amount varies for all insurance plans and should be met within the calendar year. For example, if your deductible is $500, your plan won’t pay anything until you’ve met your $500 deductible for covered health care services subject to the deductible.
  8. What is coinsurance?
    Coinsurance is a percentage of your medical expenses you are responsible for. This can vary for each plan, where the patient pays for a small percentage of their medical costs and the insurance company meets the rest. Any portion you are responsible for due to coinsurance will be billed to you after your insurance processed the claim for your visit.
  9. What is my co-pay?
    A fixed amount you pay at the time of the visit for covered health care services under your health insurance plan. The charges for in-network co-pays are usually less than the charges for the out-of-network co-pays. Your co-pay is typically found on the front side of your insurance card.
  10. Do I need an appointment?
    No appointment is needed. Darien Immediate Care facility is a Walk in Clinic.
  11. How long does the visit take?
    The average visit will have you in and out in an hour.
  12. Are you hiring?
    For all employment and career inquiries, click here.
  13. What should I bring to my appointment?
    Please bring your photo ID, primary insurance card and a secondary insurance card (if you have one).

For true life-threatening emergencies, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or severe abdominal pain, you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital ER.

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